FInancial technology Financial Technology is one of the most innovative evolution in today’s world. Mauritius, being an emerging financial hub, open – heartly accepting all the financial and technologies changes. In accordance to FATF recommendation fifteen, Mauritius is classified as one of the country which is largely compliant to technologies.

Search Engines

What is a ‘search engine’ and how compliance officers uses search engine(s)? A ‘search engine’ (SE) are website searches such as internet searches (Google searches, Yahoo searches) including searches made on specific platforms such as world check, Dow Jones, Lexis Nexis ect… Internet based searches includes various results which requires to be looked after, reviewed …

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Common Reporting Standards (CRS) Common Reporting Standards commonly referred as CRS, likewise FATCA, CRS is reporting of institutions outside the United States. In another word, CRS is roughly an international version of FATCA outside the United States with all countries who have entered an agreement for Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI). Seeing the United States …

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What is FATCA? Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act commonly known as FATCA is a very important development in US combatting Tax Evasion by US citizens. FATCA is a small piece of legislation introduced in the HIRE (Hiring Incentive to Restore Employment) Act of US in the year 2010. The legislation refers to chapter 4 of …

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